‘And HE found you lost and guided you’

Al Qur’an

The Artist

At times dramatic, at times serene, but always in sweeping motion, Contemporary Visual Artist Kanwal Zafar’s artworks provoke a fierce eruption of emotions in the viewer.

An artist who has received Masters degree in art and knows all the rules of painting but would rather follow her own heart as a compass to guide her through the process, she has developed the high seriousness, acute sense of colour, a particular kind of dreamy ambience and action filled brush strokes, which leave the viewer enthralled and the canvas with very little to say.

Apart from seeing colours all the time, she often contemplates on their effects. In her paintings she is trying to use Chromotherapy that may affect a person’s mood resulting in mental and physical improvement simultaneously. Given the unique frequencies and vibrations of various colours can influence emotions thus enabling the body to heal. In this way art can be used for Healing in addition to its visual appeal.

Kanwal’s passion for reflecting spirituality in her art grew fonder after her deeply meditative research in different parts of Turkey, particularly in Konya in 2017. According to her ‘this place has a beautiful energy which can turn you around’. Thus her post research paintings tell us a new story, they speak of her findings about existence, represent self exploration, a deeper sense of place and also transmitting the energy of a distant land.

Two of many recommendations from influential people in the art circle around the globe. Laara WilliamSen, International Professional Painter, Art Critic, Art Writer & Former University Professor, Vancouver, CANADA writes: “Kanwal Zafar has truly reached a new and profound level of achievement in her art making.  She has dug deeply into her soul and is now creating paintings that resonate with love and light.  I feel her tremendous spiritual growth in the depth and truthful feelings within each of these artworks.  Also, the city and landscapes that she did while traveling for many years, reflect her confidence and a new and bold authentic art language. It is my pleasure to recommend Kanwal Zafar to you as a valuable International professional painter and one who puts her whole self into the painting!”

Kanwal also has the honour of working beside Laara WilliamSen in an Artist Residency in Rome in 2013.

Will Johnson, Former Art Critic in New York, Renowned Author of many books on Rumi says: “Kanwal your paintings are simply gorgeous, some of the most beautiful, intensely coloured work I’ve ever seen! I love when art can stun us with its beauty, and your paintings are stunning.”

Kanwal has also been awarded with ‘Hemera Tending Spaces Fellowship for Artists’ in 2017 with 100% scholarship to attend a training program with Will Johnson in America.

Her Expressionistic Paintings have been shortlisted for the National Award, Finalist of International Awards, Winner of International Art Prizes, Curated for Art Fairs & Artist Residencies in various countries. Kanwal is extensively been exhibiting around the world, mostly in Europe and her artworks have been greatly appreciated by notable Art Galleries & Art Dealers on social Media as well as her paintings are publishing online and in printed magazines.

Her originals are sold and held in personal collections in the USA, Portugal, Canada, France, Poland, Ireland, UAE, India, Singapore, UK, Germany & Pakistan.

Kanwal has recently started mentoring a small batch of students where she wants them to receive through her teachings all the energies that are positively charged thus help them unlock their unique hidden potential.